Episode #19 – 5 Ways to Optimise Your Life for More Riding Time

Episode #19 – 5 Ways to Optimise Your Life for More Riding Time

Only owning one type of sock and 2 pairs of underwear are a couple of the ways I reduce time spent on mundane and repetitive tasks. This week is all about ideas to give you more riding time.

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Vino is in trouble again. Well this one is nothing new, but apparently Italian media have emails proving that he bought off Alexander Kolobnev to win the 2010 Liège-Bastogne-Liège. The interesting part is Kolobnev my have sold the race to Vino, but no one is talking about that.

Buy Rabobank

The withdrawal of Rabobank has left a massive hole in Dutch professional cycling, but some Dutch cycling supporters are trying to buy the team. Well, they have a website which you can, for 10 Euro, buy the team. Maybe they should up the number. Last time I checked it 17270 ‘team managers’ had pledged their money.  Add another zero and you can start talking business.

2013 Release of Garmin Pedals

When will the Garmin Vector Pedals be released? Thanks to DC Rainmaker for this information. The quoted answer from Cliff Pemble, President and Chief Operating Officer of Garmin:

“We are making progress on Vector and we’ve been evaluating new design changes and we do feel like things are looking promising and are sticking to our early next year first quarter (Q1CY13) or early second quarter (Q2CY13) deliveries.”


5 Ways to Optimise Your Life for More Riding Time

We create freedom through systems. It took me awhile to wrap myself around this idea. Even though I like structure, and some of my best work has come from a structured environment. I find it interesting that I struggle to implement systems. My ah ha moment came when I realised that there will always be tasks that are repetitive in their nature. Whether it is for survival, work or life in general, the important part for me is not to lose focus of why some tasks benefit from being locked down, and putting the time in up front to get your life off the bike sorted will ultimately lead to more free time to do what we love, cycling! Boo Yah!

The macro view of all of this hinges on your goals and your targeted races for the year. Scheduling races and planning your calendar in advance is first place to start. It will then have a flow on effect, dictating the rest of planning where it’s just a case of working out how much time you can allocate to your goals, then slotting in the pieces of the puzzle. This is where I’m going to focus today. At the week to week level, squeezing in as much riding as you want with a little tweaking here and there.

I started by blocking out the time that I can’t be on the bike. French lessons, work and family time. Then I can realistically look at where training can fir in.

Cycling Training Schedule

To make your own spreadsheet in GDrive Click Here

If you do this, look specifically at:

  • what activities, jobs etc. are repeatable
  • what can be cut out
  • what can be reduced


Reduce Shopping Time Food by Shopping Online
I would set up a shopping cart with saved items and order every two weeks and get the food delivered to my work. Regarding vegetables, I have never had any problems with low quality items being selected for me. Delivery is as low as $5 and all you do is select a delivery window of time.

Make Simple Repetitive Meals or Batch Meal Making
Optimising making food is a combination of batching and simple preparation. My diet through this regime was extremely repetitive, as I believe is the case with most lean athletes. My meals only varied if I was going to be on the bike, or just got off the bike. I don’t want to get too far into specific diets, but my breakfasts consisted of eggs if I wasn’t training, and Weetbix if I was. My lunches lasted the entire 2 week shopping cycle and were easy to prepare, something like frozen fish and veg heated in a special microwave dish. I would eat a couple of sandwiches after weekend training rides and dinner was batched and frozen twice a week, something like chili or stir fry. I would eat a large pizza after weekday crits. You could batch lunches if you can’t get food delivered to work.

One thing about this system. Sometimes you just gotta blow it out of the water. At times I would experience unreasonable needs for other types of food. If I had that craving I would get it out of the way and go and buy it. I usually find out why it wasn’t part of my diet straight after I eat it!


Look For Ways to Cut Down on Washing and Ironing Clothes
Don’t iron t-shirts and hang up clothes inside regardless of the season.

They’re not without a little bit of hassle, but are well worth looking into.

  • Japanese t-shirt folding

Fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds. If you don’t know this you gotta check it out. Link in show notes.

I optimised all my socks by buying 6 pairs of the same 6 inch black socks so they could be used for work and riding. Plus I didn’t have to sort them after washing. I used DeFeet logo ones as they were the simplest logo wise.

  • 2 pairs of undies

For coming on 4 years I have only owned 2 pairs of undies. They get a nightly wash and dry over night, normal cotton won’t do. You need quick dry material.

I wash my clothes with Dr Bronner’s and also do hair, body, and I have used it for teeth. Just don’t swallow.


Think about this for a moment. How much of your life is spent buying, evaluating, maintaining and cleaning possessions? I know we all love toys, and have more than one bike kicking around, but without sounding preachy how much time do you spend on your things? The saying of your things end up owning you is very true. I’m not suggesting you sell your house if you have a large yard, just to consider the plants in the backyard. Or selling something that needs resources greater than the return on investment you are currently getting from it. The strategy here is to constantly eliminate instead of organize your stuff.


Ramit Sethi – Guilt Free Spending.

5. GTD

Two minute rule: If you can do it in under 2 minutes do it.


Photo Credit: Velocita on Flickr


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