Episode #23 – 6 Steps to Planning Your Annual Training Plan

Episode #23 – 6 Steps to Planning Your Annual Training Plan

The 6 steps according to Joe Friel-Planning 2013 or any year is long and complex. This episode goes through his training plan process and sets up a framework for getting the most out of 2013.

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6 Steps to Planning Your Annual Training Plan

With the training concept called Periodization. Today we are going to look at planning your race year or macro cycle. My macro cycle is 6 months for reasons I’ll go into later.

These Training Periods set the framework for your training. Marty mentioned the that brought this idea to the masses, Joe Friel. What follows is a breakdown of 6 Steps to Planning Your Annual Training Plan, which can be found in Friel’s book. The Cyclist’s Training Bible. I will be using myself as an example.

  1. Determine Season Goals

  • S = Specific – Racing outcome orientated
  • M = Measurable – Must be able to measure progress
  • A = Attainable – If I do everything right, what can I accomplish?
  • R = Realistic – Is this really possible?
  • T = Timely – Set a time frame

Top 5% of field at L’Etape i.e. Top 500

  1. Establish Supporting Objectives

Work on race specific weakness. The greatest limiter to you achieving your goal.

Endurance — the ability to keep going for a very long time. Improved by doing long workouts, especially in zone 2.

Endurance Objective example: Within a six-week period complete six, four-hour rides in zone 2 with the last on July 8.

  1. Set Annual Hours

What factors go into the time you have to train? I remember meeting my coach and talking about the month ahead…

Weekly hours x 50
Damian = 550

  1. Prioritize Races

A: L’Etape on July 7 2013.
B and C: There may be some local races I can attend. Less physical and mental prep for these races.

  1. Divide Year Into Periods

Count backwards from last A race. Here is mine as an example:

  1. Assign Weekly Hours

Weekly hours move in an ever building wave where every 3 or 4 weeks is lower for recovery.

My goal here is to demonstrate the idea that training plans are a very individual thing, and a lot of effort goes into the frame work let alone the workouts themselves. I’ll get to those next week!


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