Episode #121 – Rider Hot Seat: Barron Mendelssohn

Episode #121 – Rider Hot Seat: Barron Mendelssohn

This is something new for Semi-Pro Cycling – a Rider Hot Seat where a rider jumps in the hot seat and I try and answer their questions about their training and racing.

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The rider is Barron Mendelssohn and he’s a pretty accomplished biathlete and ahm triathlete now ditching the run and swim stuff to ride on the road full time. He actually has some coaching chops but wanted to sound out some ideas about his cycling training. So we together on a call and went though them. Before we get to Barron, I’m interested to know what you think of the format, and whether this is something that adds valus to you. If it does then I might get some riders on from time to time and go through their biggest challenges in planning their training etc. and we can all learn together. Anyway – enough of that – let’s start with Barron and a bit of an introduction of what he’s been doing the past few years. Barron wanted to know:

  • Whether less time at Z3 can replace longer Z2 work
  • If the Prep phase is useful
  • How reverse periodisation could help him over winter
  • The benefits of strength training
  • What to do when the weather is good outside
  • much more…



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