Episode #97 – Learning from Cadel and his Career

Episode #97 – Learning from Cadel and his Career

A look at Cadel’s journey. Considering where Cadel is in his career, I think it’s fitting to take a look at Australia’s most accomplished cyclist. What made him a champion, and more specifically what role did sport science play in developing his talent, and helping him win the Tour de France.

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This episode takes a look at what it took to become the one of the world’s best cyclists. From his life with Australian Institute of Sport to the transition to the MAPEI Sports Centre. To his coaches and physiology as a young rider – including who he was better than in a side-by-side comparison.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What sports science innovations Cadel has been part of over his career.
  • The biggest factor in his success.
  • Why failing was a big part of Cadel’s motivation.




Photo Credit: thewolf on Flickr


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