Episode #42 – Cleat Position: Getting Your Power to the Pedal with Steve Hogg

Episode #42 – Cleat Position: Getting Your Power to the Pedal with Steve Hogg

Where do you place your cleats, and why do you do it that way? Cleat position is usually done without much thought as to why. It’s well worth a revisit because you may be losing power. I got Steve Hogg on the show to discuss his ideas behind cleat position. Steve is a world leader in fitting riders to their bikes, and his advice on cleat position is spot on.

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Determining cleat position doesn’t sit in isolation, foot placement and a lot of other factors play an important role in getting cleat position right.

Find out the answers to the follow questions:

  • What do you consider the ball of the foot?
  • What’s the idea behind moving the ball of the foot in front of the pedal axle?
  • Mid-foot cleat placement: Why someone would consider this?
  • What’s the calf’s role in moving a bike forward?
  • Why would you want to reduce its workload with a mid-foot cleat position?
  • What position should a racing or series recreational cyclist start with?
  • Why is the foot so important in power transfer?
  • How can anyone listening get started with their own foot correction?
  • What’s happening to your body after you make adjustments to your position?
  • Why is time important in the process?
  • What great beer have you enjoyed recently?




Photo Credit: Steve Hogg


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