Episode #118 – How to Become a Better Climber

Episode #118 – How to Become a Better Climber

Learn the 5 step system to become a stronger, faster and more efficient climber. Including the Focus Checklist – a complete body and form check to keep you riding at your highest capacity even in high stress situations.

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The uphill road is not an easy one to conquer. Even if you were the fittest rider on the planet, you have to earn it. Climbing is hard and always be hard. But this episode lays down a system to help you crush those damn hills. Learn about the importance of glute activation, and how to check if your glutes are working.

Here’s What you’ll Discover:

  • A quick glute activation test, and why it’s so important
  • What the Focus Room, and how it can help you ride faster
  • How to use your test and use your torque to attack
  • The latest power meter on the market


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