Episode #13 – Climbing tactics and tips with Dylan Cooper from Rockstar Racing

Climbing is one of those parts of cycling that can make or break you depending on how you approach it, or how you are feeling on the day. Dylan and I talk about ways to get the best out of yourself to climb at your best and give you an edge in races.

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Gilbert! Taking it from 2.2 kms to go, that is how you win a world championship!  Awesome. I’m not sure why I like Gilbert so much, I just can’t put my finger on it, but even if you don’t like him, you have to like his style. His season hasn’t justified the 3 million transfer to BMC, he was having a rough season until the Vuelta, and now much like Cadel’s win in 2009 he has finished off the season the best way possible. BMC doesn’t need to buy the rainbow jersey this year. BOOM!

Climbing tactics and tips with Dylan Cooper from Rockstar Racing

I had some help this week by asking Dylan Cooper for some insights into climbing. If you don’t know Dylan he’s an accomplished mountain biker from Australia, he has won the Australian National Series for XCO, Short Track, XCM and the Japanese National XCO Series. Not that you would know by talking to him because he mostly lets his actions do the talking. He has an aggressive riding style and leaves it all on the track every time he clips in, but even considering the do or die attitude that he brings to his racing, his results have been quite consistent over his riding career. Being a mountain biker first and foremost I thought it would be interesting to delve into one of the toughest aspects of cycling, climbing. Specifically, how to get the best out of yourself on climbs, including his number one tip for beating your competitors, and some race tactics and insights thrown in for good measure.

We find the answers to these questions:

What’s your relationship with hills?
Do you consider yourself a climber?
What makes a good climber?
What do you use to gage your effort on a climb?
How do know if you’re climbing well?
Do you ever use other riders for pacing?
Do you attack on hills?
How do you manage the pain?
Do you hide your pain from other competitors?
How do incorporate hills into your training?
What are ways you conserve energy on mountain bike climbs?
Any other tips for climbing hills?


Photo Credit: Damian Breach

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