Semi-Pro Performance Framework

Reach Your Full Potential

SYNOPSIS: The set of beliefs provide the platform of your Semi-Pro Coaching.

The Semi-Pro Performance Framework is ultimately about understanding you - your dreams, strengths, weaknesses, motivations, fears...so we can best establish a program that truly contributes to your best performance.

We are trying to find a way to challenge you through physical, emotional, and psychological challenges in order to bring the best out of you to help you reach your full potential.

Semi-Pro Philosophy

Smart training



The Semi-Pro Performance methodology is grounded in a belief that optimal endurance performance, for every level of athlete, arrives from a balanced approach to training. The foundation of these beliefs evolved from the education, athletic and coaching experience of Damian Ruse, and are the foundation of every Semi-Pro Performance training plan or program.

The key is this: Optimal endurance performance rises out of a training journey that delivers consistency of specific training load. No matter what level you are, the key is to achieve consistent load, that facilitates positive fitness adaptations. For this to occur, you need to work hard, there is no secret there, but you also must remain healthy and ensure training load can be integrated into the stressors of life.

For you to fulfil your potential, you must find the balance that allows consistency over many months, your endurance training cannot exist as a stand-alone entity. It has to be supported by adequate recovery, proper nutrition and a functional strength program. This Semi-Pro Performance Framework should retain equal philosophical value in your weekly training, something that so many athletes miss. This simple guiding philosophy applies to fitness enthusiasts just as much as our professional athletes. We all share the passion to improve, and our smart approach to training will ensure that you get your best results, again and again.

Let's look at the framework in more depth:

Endurance Training: This is the sport specific demand placed on the body to overload and trigger adaptations in your discipline. The Semi-Pro focus of this training is to achieve the necessary volume while combining it with healthy lifestyle practices to avoid accumulated fatigue and improve performance.

Functional Strength: This is sport specific strength and power that enables more than just injury prevention.

Technology: This is recognising technology as an opportunity to optimise training, recovery and nutrition in the most efficient way. It is not a sole reliance on technology as a stand alone component but as a tool to enhance already solid practices and fundamentals to