Episode #94 – The 5 Phases of Semi-Pro Cyclist Development

Episode #94 – The 5 Phases of Semi-Pro Cyclist Development

Short term thinking can harm your potential as a cyclist. Big statement I know – but if you want to improve as much as possible – then allow yourself to think big and plan for each phase in your development. If you don’t then you risk not having the year-on-year gains that are part of upgrading your fitness, and also thinking more holistically about your skill development and forming habits.

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This episode takes a look at the 5 phases of development as a Semi-Pro, from learning to training and learning to compete to training to compete and learning to win. We also take a look at what why fundamentals are so important, as is developing your psychological side in parallel to your physiological fitness.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • How learning about junior cyclist development helps Semi-Pro development.
  • How to focus each year you start with a new objective, and reset goals.
  • How to see beyond your training to develop your life outside of riding.




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