Episode #111 – Building Systems for Performance with Drapac PRO Cycling

Episode #111 – Building Systems for Performance with Drapac PRO Cycling

We take a look at his approach to building the Performance Systems at Drapac Pro Cycling in it’s first year as a PRO Continental Squad. On an individual level habits are your implicit systems that drive your life.

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I have spoken about the profound effect changing your habits can have on your life. The next layer on top of habits are systems When you are dealing with a high performance team things get a little more tricky. There is a lot of great info in this interview, not only if you run a team, but also on the individual level. You will get better ideas on how to increase your chances of performing better over an entire season, not just in one race.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Why Drapac went back to basics with riders health
  • The inner workings of a PRO Continental team
  • Tips to help you stay healthy all year, and when on tour
  • How to prioritise your limiters to work on your performance systems
  • Why ‘big data’ my not be as important as we all think


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