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For over 100 podcast episodes I’ve been on the hunt for the latest performance techniques, training and technology inside information that can help you reach your full potential.

The problem is real cycling information sucks. If you aren’t training to be a PRO or know a PRO first hand, the subtle information about the art of cycling is hard to get hold of.

You can try your local club or asking the gun riders, but cycling is a tough sport to crack into. Your local bunch has the usual heros that won’t acknowledge lesser riders, so getting information out of them is like getting blood from a stone.

What’s left is reading blogs and books and wasting your time. I feel like options for real cycling information is severely limited.

But what if there was a place you could get educated on cycling that grounded you in the real world? What if it was designed to set you on the right path? It wouldn’t solve every problem, but it would stack the odds in your favour.

That’s what I am trying to do with the podcast and now, a one month introduction to the best episodes from the podcast.

I really do believe that it let’s you:

Ride for longer in the pain cave or the hurt box, whichever one you’re into.

In this course you will receive my best content for free including what I learnt from people like Professional Cyclist Phil Gaimon and coaching guru Joe Friel.

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