Episode #2 – Self Myofascial Release Therapy for Cyclists

Episode #2 – Self Myofascial Release Therapy for Cyclists

Every cyclist suffers from overuse at some point. I try to address the best way to attack the issue through the use of the Parento Principle and Self Myofascial Release Therapy for cyclists. There are 4 main areas that need constant work and give the best return on any time spent rolling them out. Neglecting stretching may be OK if it replaced with SMRT. It’s more rewarding and a lot easier to work over those sore spots. Self Myofascial Release Therapy for cyclists is a better use of time than stretching.

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The 4 main areas covered are regular problem areas for many riders including myself. It’s hard to keep any type of maintenance program, but with a look into the potential damage not working on your body between rides can cause, it might change your mind as it did mine.




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  • dan

    Awesome stuff Damian! Loved listening to this one…

    • Thanks Dan. Hope you got some take aways to get your pins rolling.