Episode #3 – Increase Riding Performance with Music

Episode #3 – Increase Riding Performance with Music

In this episode of the Semi-Pro Cycling Podcast I talk about increasing your riding performance by listening to music. You may or may not already listen to something while you ride, but I will present a compelling argument for listening as a training tool. If you are afraid to listen to music while riding you will find this argument compelling, and even change your mind. I dig deeper by looking at three ways music can help your performance, including training with and without music and racing with music, a little hack that is not illegal.

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I also do a mini review of the new options, and there are many, for listening to music on your bike. I split these into 6 categories and give my run down on each. At the end of this episode I hope you will go out and choose some music to ride with and report your results back to me. I am interested in knowing what you ride to and how you believe it affects your performance. Either way hit me up on twitter with any comments or suggestions.



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  • Due to sweat and heavy abuse on my rides, I’ve ruined a few pairs of high-end Shure ear buds.

    Without sacrificing too much sound quality, here’s a very cheap alternative: the Dell EP-630 earbuds.


    These ear buds do a great job eliminating wind noise and surprisingly sound much better than many ear buds I’ve tested in the $15-25 range. Highly recommend.

    Great episode!

    • Hey Ben,


      I never thought of sweat as a factor. I guess cause I haven’t ruined any that way. I must admin though I do use some cheapies, definitely under $20. Thanks for the recommendation and link.