Episode #4 – Should You Change Your Pedalling Technique?

Episode #4 – Should You Change Your Pedalling Technique?

Pedalling Technique for Cyclists

This episode looks at Lance Armstrongs toes down, high cadence style and the questions, why does he do it, and should you do it too?

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In episode 4 of the Semi-Pro Cycling podcast I talk about a certain riders famous pedalling technique in detail, and whether you should copy him. Yes it’s Lance Armstong, but don’t hate on me too hard. I have a good reason to bring him up. I delve into who suggested he start pedalling in such a unique way compared to those around him, why it was suggested and did it benefit his overall output. We get to hear from a few interesting characters regarding how they approach pedalling technique and ultimately we find out if we will get the same gains if we adjust our pedalling technique.

So the Tour is done for another year. Hear my take on this years snore fest. I am going to the next years tour, are you going to join me? If you are keen to talk more about my plans, just get in touch. I’m inviting everybody!

I also take a brief look at non-circular chain rings. Those mysterious and funny looking chain rings that have been around in varying forms for the past 20 years or so. I think I finally solve the mystery, but would love some feedback from anyone that has ridden them.



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