Episode #107 – The Difference Between Fitness and Endurance

Episode #107 – The Difference Between Fitness and Endurance

When it comes to building your Chronic Training Load the composition of that load is very important, and because we are endurance athletes. Finding the right balance between endurance and fitness is central to our performance.

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Today’s episode is going to use some basic physiology to explain the difference between fitness and endurance, why one should always proceed the other, why are the not one and the same thing, and how to measure them.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Why ‘quick fix’ training might not work for endurance sports
  • The 15% Rule. My heuristic on what to work on when.
  • Why Mechanical Efficiency and time are the missing link in performance
  • How to use Aerobic Decoupling for more than just endurance measument
  • The two new power meters set for release next year



Photo credit: biker_jun on Flickr


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