Episode #40 – How to Clean Your Bike Like a Semi-Pro

Episode #40 – How to Clean Your Bike Like a Semi-Pro

Everyone has their own style when they clean their bike. I am sharing mine this week, so you can clean your bike like a Semi-Pro, I’m also on the hunt for new ideas on ways to get the job done. Also, I talk about my favourite lube, and break down the great disc brake debate. What are your thoughts on road disc brakes?
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There’s the quick and easy wipe down after every ride, well not after every ride, but hat tip to Mr Cycling Tips for the baby wipe recommendation. This has been working a charm for years, but what about your fortnightly bike wash, at least that’s usually my rhythm when it comes to cleaning, it gets a little more serious.

Firstly though, be gentle and patient when you wash your bike, don’t force things. Your fingers and nails will thank you. I always get stung, which sucks ass, especially in winter! So take your time, put on a podcast or some music and put the time in that your beast deserves.

I’m not so sure that washing like a pro is all it’s cracked up to be. They are blasting their bikes because they rebuild their machines regularly, and have to knock out a lot of bikes in one go. Use the right tools for the job though, which is fairly similar to a pro mechanic set-up.

Bike Cleaning Essentials

  • Stand: Bottom bracket and front fork clamp are the biznas. 
  • Chain holder
  • Bucket or two
  • Dish washing liquid or CT18 truck wash
  • Sponge or yellow dish cloth
  • Long brush and two short ones
  • Cut-off bidon for degreaser
  • Degeaser
  • Paint brush
  • Lint free rags or towel
  • Bonus: High pressure hose connected to a air compressor

How to Clean Your Bike Like a Semi-Pro

Step 1

  • Remove accessories and wheels from frame. Saddle Bag etc.

Step 2

  • Wheels: Hose off and wipe down
  • Degrease

Step 3

  • Hose down frame
  • Wipe down the frame and chain etc with a clean cloth wet cloth
  • Degrease your greasy bits then hose off
  • Move the chain onto both chainrings and repeat the process
  • Take time to let soak in by returning to the wheels

Step 4

  • Scrub cassette and hubs with long brush then hose off
  • Clean with sponge and soapy water
  • Hose off
  • Dry off

Step: 5

  • Hose off degreaser
  • White bartape pro tip. Put dishwashing liquid directly on bartape and scrub with small brush
  • Clean frame and forks with soaped up sponge
  • Hose off starting with highest point off the bike
  • Wipe down to dry – air compressor or towel
  • If i have time i’ll use some saddle polish or leather conditioner

Step 6

  • Lube
  • Pro Gold for the win. 
  • Also, take the time to check over your bike for cracks etc.

What have I missed? Got any tips that you can share with SPC listeners get in touch!




Photo Credit: Mikey Wally via Flickr


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