Episode #113 – Inspiratory Muscle Training for Cycling Endurance

Episode #113 – Inspiratory Muscle Training for Cycling Endurance

Today we are learning about training the respiratory system – breathing muscles – not the lungs. Breathing muscles fatigue just like any other muscles. So why not train them?

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During exercise the body’s demand for oxygen increases and our breathing volume must also rise. This requires many muscles surrounding the lungs to contract in a highly coordinated manner. As the intensity of exercise increases, these respiratory muscles must contract more forcefully and more rapidly. To keep pace with the body’s large increase in metabolism.
If your body is using the muscles for breathing inefficiently, it’s sending extra blood around the body to be used by the muscles. This leads to a reduction in blood is a reduction in the amount of oxygen available to the muscles, which can fatigue all of the bodies muscles. This important role of the respiratory muscles has generated great interest in the link between respiratory muscles fitness and ‘whole-body’ exercise capacity.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What situations specific respiratory muscle training may improve
  • Which exercises can improve time trial performance
  • The best tools for respiratory muscle training
  • Why Inspiratory Muscle Training is the best type of respiratory muscle training



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