Episode #75 – Joe Friel on Periodisation, Champions and Longevity

Episode #75 – Joe Friel on Periodisation, Champions and Longevity

Joe Friel is easily one of the most influential coaches and authors in endurance sports. Introducing periodisation to the broader endurance community, as well as other training ideas and metrics. This episode focuses on topics that are relevant to the Semi-Pro to get a bit more of an understanding behind the ideas, and the man that brought them to us.

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When I think of Joe Friel of course I think of the Bible series, but I also think about the vast amount of other information he has have put out there. At some point most training questions lead back to Joe.

It’s both hard and easy to find something relevant to everyone listening. So rather than a themed show. I jump around a little on topics that appeal to the Semi-Pro. Find out the answers to these questions and more:

How did you select the athletes you wanted to work with?

Have you ever been surprised by any athletes performance?

How did you first come across Tudor Bompa’s work? Was he using it for cycling?

Is there a limit that linear periodisation can take an athlete?

How do you keep going?

How can you stay positive when your performance is on the decline?



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