Episode #120 – How to Make the Most of Your Coaching

Episode #120 – How to Make the Most of Your Coaching

Learn how to take control of the coaching relationship, including taking advantage of your coaches knowledge. Think of it more like a team or partnership in which you can help directed the course as much as the coach.

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Following on from the last episode is part two of our series on When Should You Consider Making a Coaching Switch? Where we covered the why, when, and how of changing coaches.

This episode is more of a prequel and sequel to the the last episode because it covers Things You Can do to Make The Most of Your Coaching which can be used as a criteria if you’re considering changing and once you change to a new coach.

The first thing I want to say here is the onus on you to take control of the coaching relationship. Take advantage of the knowledge of your coach, of course don’t be a wanker about it. Think of it more like a team or partnership in which you can help directed the course as much as the coach. It’s all about knowing knowing when to listen and when to talk.

I will default to setting set clear expectations about what you want out of a coach, whether that’s in the form of specific deliverables which you can check off if they are being met.

A coach is only as useful as you want them to be. After you know your expectations, I would talk to your coach about any gaps they are not meeting.

The other side of how to Make The Most of Your Coaching is understanding how to capitalise on your coach’s knowledge and experience. Listen in for 4 ways for you to do that.

These 4 should go some way to getting the most out of your coach. Let’s flip it now and put the focus on the coach. I got 5 questions here that your coach should know about you. If they don’t then there is a gap between what you are telling them, and what they remember or use to plan your workouts.

If your coach doesn’t know any of these, then this may be a red flag that needs addressing. These five questions focus on the basics, but they are also useful for high level athletes. Listen to the episode to find out what they are.

Answering these questions now rather than later will allow your coach to create the best plan for you…leading you to success.

The theme for this episode is about the flow of information. Making The Most of Your Coaching is giving as much information possible, and checking to see if the coach knows it – and also using the coach for more than just a training plan. They are partner in your performance – but you are the driver. It’s your responsibility to learn as much as possible and provide your coach with as much information as you can.

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