Getting Ahead with Mentorship

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We follow the story of two aspiring PRO cyclists – and one old dog, that has assumed the role of mentor, helping Sam and Christian achieve their dream, mostly, without even knowing it.


I did think that if something happened to me and I couldn’t walk, life wouldn’t be worth living.

– Scott Bradburn, #semipro cyclist, on cycling commitment.


The Feature

Mentoring within cycling has an altering effect on an individual’s world. It affects not only their cycling, but their learnings positively impact other parts of their life as well. We highlight three mentor/mentees, Sam Burston, Christian Miller, and Scott Bradburn.


The Radar

While the Airhub is yet to be scientifically validated it is promising, not only the product but the people behind it. People like former Omnium World Champion, Michael Freiburg. I won’t recommended you buy it just yet though. It is launching in December – so they have time to finalise the training and performance promises around the product. Keep an eye out as I’m sure it will stir up some interesting conversation.

The Facts

Threshold is hosted by Damian Ruse
Produced and mixed by Jacob Staley
Our theme music is K-Eyes by Rho used under Creative Commons
Our ad music is Spring Solstice by Podington Bear used under Creative Commons


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