Episode #92 – Brain Training to Perform Under Pressure

Episode #92 – Brain Training to Perform Under Pressure

Performing under pressure is crucial to training and racing success. The key to controlling pain and other emotions is awareness that starts with your body, then your mind, and finally your situation. This episode will give you tools directly from the military that will help you to deal with each of these areas. Helping you expand the time you can spend in the pain cave.

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This episode takes a detailed look at tools such as meditation and body checks, to learning from the riders you want to be like. Also, understanding the arousal curve and how it can help you perform, to why failing is good for performance. A brief taste of that info is below.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • The best type of meditation to increase cycling performance.
  • How to learn from anyone without asking them a question.
  • How to use Navy Seal training to accelerate your racing knowledge.




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