The ‘Online’ Road to Cycling Success



This is the story of how, apart from his obvious ability, Brendan Canty used social media to get a PRO contract with Pro-Continental team, Drapac Pro Cycling, two years after his first race.


Strava’s always played a role in my riding…it’s probably the tool that got me riding a lot more.

– Brendan Canty, PRO cyclist, on the role of Strava in his cycling.


The Feature

Brendan’s, is a story about how his success is a result of social connectivity through social media such as Strava, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s also a story about the consequence of the technology we embrace, and how cycling is no less affected by this.

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The Radar

The ProShift by Baron Controls is an automatic shifting controller for Shimano’s Di2 electronic groupsets, we interview the founder. Automatic shifting opens up new training and racing possibilities, but the technology is yet to be proven to offer scientifically validated performance benefits. It’s new technology and the preliminary results are promising.

The Facts

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