Episode #91 –  Increase Your Pain Threshold with Practice

Episode #91 – Increase Your Pain Threshold with Practice

Learn how to PROs deal with pain, and how you can start to understand your own relationship to pain. This episode explores the issue of pain and how cyclists deal with it differently than other athletes, and non-athletes. We also look into the pain cave, and how you can extend your time in there, and increase your pain threshold.

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This episode takes a detailed look at ‘good’ pain, from why athletes are better at handling pain and how pain tolerance is developed over time, to the complex nature of pain, and why cyclists are tougher than game based sports. A brief taste of that info is below.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • The definition of the pain cave.
  • If you increase training does your pain tolerance increase?
  • How to use the race report to ride better at future races!




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