Episode #99 – Does Running Impact Cycling Performance

Episode #99 – Does Running Impact Cycling Performance

Do the dangers of a cyclist running outweigh the risk of any potential fitness gains? Running can damage your your body if you aren’t a seasoned runner. Listen in to learn the physiological adoptions of each training modal, why running can build fitness, and how can you reduce the risk of injury – if you try to run.

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This episode takes a look at why running can be good and bad when included in a cycling training program. From building fitness in the offseason to understanding why cyclists can’t run, well initially anyway.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What the physiological differences of cycling and running are.
  • Why running can be great for the offseason.
  • The best way to reduce your chances of injury while running.
  • Why cycling is better for running, not the other round.




Photo Credit: Wheats on Flickr


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