Episode #126 – How to Apply Science to your Cycling with Jason Boynton M.S.

Episode #126 – How to Apply Science to your Cycling with Jason Boynton M.S.


Learn how to read scientific papers if you should implement the techniques or products mentioned while avoiding the main pitfalls of using this approach to performance.

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This episode continues on from a previous show I did based a talk given by Jason Boynton called Finding the truth in endurance sports.


I asked Jason to come onto the show to talk in more detail about how to read scientific papers and reviews in order to gain a better answer to questions on your endurance training. And also how to apply the information from the papers to your own cycling.


Knowing if you should implement the techniques or products into your own cycling is just as important as knowing how to interpret the results of a scientific study or review.


There are plenty of pitfalls to navigate through and Jason does a great job in steering you around these, while also setting up the metal shift that needs to take place when looking for answers through the best way we have to decipher reality.


A bit more on Jason – he is an exercise physiologist, researcher, USA Cycling level 1 certified coach, and elite level cyclist. His educational background includes a Masters in Exercise Physiology from Eastern Michigan University and an honors degree in Cell Biology & Physiology from UW- Whitewater. During his masters degree he studied under Associate Professor and USA Cycling Faculty member Stephen McGregor.


It is here he laid the groundwork for much of his coaching philosophy. As a researcher, he started working with trained endurance athletes in a lab setting in 2005. This has given him extensive experience and insight working with athletes above and beyond coaching.



Photo Credit: Jason Boynton on Flickr


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