A Stair Step Approach to Improving Your Sprint

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We look at how to identify your sprinting weaknesses by putting together a Sprint Profile. Then learn how to train each of the 3 parts with a stair step approach. 


“…putting together a fast sprint is more complex than training to ride 100 miles.

– Damian Ruse


The Topic

A high maximum and average power over 15 seconds does not equal a fast sprint. Even if you take this number and divide it by your weight to get a W/Kg number. This approach will only lead to disappointment. The issue is that the average power number you produce over 15 seconds does not account for the 3 distinct and trainable parts of a sprint. Each one adding momentum to the next.

The Facts

Threshold Technical Ten is hosted, produced and mixed by Damian Ruse
Our ad music is Spring Solstice by Podington Bear used under Creative Commons
Download the WKO 4 Sprint Profile by Cadence Bin Chart by joining the #semipro community
This show was inspired by the Form of Sprinting 1 & 2



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