Episode #106 – Predictions for the Future of Bike Technology

Episode #106 – Predictions for the Future of Bike Technology

My predictions for the next 5 years of cycling technology. Some will become reality and some are on the dream list, but all are fascinating. From ABS to advanced telemetry and HUD to onboard video displays – check them all out in this episode.

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The next 5 years will bring changes to our sport that will change we ride, race and train. It all starts with the PROs but the technology will filter down. Found out what I believe we are in for. If you have any additions to my list I’d love it if you mentioned it in the comments below. Thanks.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What HUD stands for and why it’s going to be important for your performance.
  • What the future of bike computers looks like.
  • A new metric for detecting fatigue.
  • How F1 technology is being used in PRO cycling.
  • What cycling analysis software will look like in the future.



Photo credit: biker_jun on Flickr


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  • Kevin Vaughn

    The idea of a bike/computer set up that could shift for you and basically run the show while the rider just pilots the craft and produces watts leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I love bike-tech but that’s outside of my comfort zone, for now.

    I am pretty excited about the further development of HUDs – especially if they could be integrated into a TT helmet visor. I think that would be pretty sweet – you could just keep your head up and focus on the race. Maybe even some route data like the direction and severity of upcoming turns – that would allow semi-pros access to the same kind of information that is currently relayed to actual-pros during their TTs via radio.

    It seems I’m all for providing data to a rider but I don’t love the idea of letting computers make decisions for us during a race. I feel like that starts to erode the humanity of the sport. Even if we can all see the same data it’s how the rider uses it that really matters at the finish line.

    • Damian Ruse

      I hear you Kevin, but I don’t think we will lose the romance too soon.

      I think the on bike controlling will be further off than big data filtering in information to feed to riders.

      I actually don’t think F1 type piloting is the direction we are going, plus a bike still has to be human powered up and down hills. Plenty of room for human error.