Episode #110 – How to Prepare Yourself for a Stage Race

Episode #110 – How to Prepare Yourself for a Stage Race

This episode answers the question – Am I training hard enough for a demanding stage race? To help answer this question I asked Scott Bradburn onto the show…Scott rides for the Australian NRS team – Cellarbrations Racing.

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Today’s episode is going to help you survive a stage race. It will also help you understand the types of training needed for National level stage races, and how a Semi-Pro prepares. There is also a fascinating story about Scott Bradburn, and how he has made his way back to the top of racing after 10 years off a bike.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Why you should not rush into intensity
  • The amount of kilometres a top semi-pro rides in their base period
  • Tips to help you conserve energy and race better in stage races
  • How to train without any measurement devices
  • What happens after your 3rd day of a 8 day stage race


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