Episode #66 – Training with Intensity Year Round with Chris Harnish

Episode #66 – Training with Intensity Year Round with Chris Harnish

Chris Harnish joins us to discuss the idea of training with intensity year round. Which is highly relevant to Semi-Pros because we have limited training time. But also because HIIT and sprint training has scientifically shown to build aerobic fitness.

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I talked to Chris Harnish from the ESP Podcast about the HIIT and sprint training, and what the benefits are. Find out these questions, and more.

Q 1. What are the benefits of doing this?

Q 2. How much of a base do they need if they aren’t coming from any type of fitness background?

Q 3. How do you work on these areas of training? Do these elements carry over from year to year also?

Q 4. How then, do you use High Intensity Training for endurance events?

Q 5. What intensities, and types of efforts have been shown to improve aerobic fitness?

Q 6. Should every volume ride have some type of secondary component to it?

Q 7. How do you avoid mental burnout?

Note: One correction, Chris indicated a Tim Noakes lab from the 99 study, but it was Will Hopkins from New Zealand.




Photo Credit: kevineddy on Flickr


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