Episode #95 – The Truth About Cycling Knowledge

Episode #95 – The Truth About Cycling Knowledge

How do you know what you know about cycling? Think about every single element of cycling…from the shoes you wear to the gels you eat, from the training your do to anything else you’ve done or bought in the name of increased performance. How do you know they will increase your performance? This episode helps you sort through all the cycling information and marketing to find the truth – or at least make the best guess.

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This episode takes a look at the how we evaluate information, including the 5 main ways of knowing, and a deeper look at the scientific method. It also takes a look at how to be a critical athlete, and what to ask yourself to when applying any new information to your specific situation.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • How to evaluate all endurance and cycling information.
  • The 5 ways of knowing from worst to best.
  • Why the scientific method is the best way to evaluate cycling information.




Photo Credit: skynoir on Flickr


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