SPC141 – Why You Are Fit And Unhealthy & What to do About It



This episode, why you are fit and unhealthy, and what this has to do with longevity.


High-load athletes are not as healthy as lower load athletes.

– Damian Ruse, on elite athlete health.


The Feature

Sure in the world of high performance, athletes might actually be better off in the long run, but in the world of everybody else, what risks are you taking by not looking after your health, and what can do about it? This is part 2 of the 3 part series on longevity. In part one I gave you my take on how to ride forever, with the idea of setting yourself challenges that you can build towards with regular riding based on setting your intentions – if you haven’t listened to it, go back and find it on Apple Podcasts.


The Facts

Hosted by Damian Ruse