Episode #88 – How to Budget Your Upgrades with Andy Blair

Episode #88 – How to Budget Your Upgrades with Andy Blair

Andy Blair from the Swell-Specialized Mountain Bike Team talks how to upgrade your bike based on dollars per gram. I also touch on if it is even worth upgrading for roadies by looking at how weight reduces climbing times, what to look for in new wheels, debunking the rotational weight myth, and we tackle to aero versus weight debate.

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This episode uncovers what areas should you target if you want real-world gains from your new purchases, whether weight limits on products matter, is carbon the best material for mountain biking, are carbon mountain bike rims any good, and if you should bother with mountain bike tubulars. You’ll get a brief taste of that info below.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Why it’s so important to figure out how much each gram will cost you.
  • If the extra weight of an aero wheel is worth it.
  • How to know what upgrades to make first.
  • Enduro Article



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