Episode #114 – Pacing and Performance Measurement Using VAM

Episode #114 – Pacing and Performance Measurement Using VAM

It’s cycling and climbing today with the concept of VAM helps us understand and quantify cycling performance and can be a useful tool to help improve your own cycling performance.

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VAM Calculations

VAM = Vertical height gain/time taken or Metres/Hour

W/kg = VAM / (2 + (% gradient factor/10)) x 100

Sustainable VAM = FTP or Zone Watts / Weight / Average of the climb or climbs you will ride during the day

Time (as a percentage of 60 minutes, so x 60) = Metres gained / Sustainable VAM

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What situations VAM is best used for
  • Which VAM calculations to use and when
  • The best way to pace for long hilly events
  • Why limitations VAM has, and how to avoid them



Photo credit: adambowie on Flickr


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