Episode #51 – Why the Gut Should be at the Centre of Your Universe

Episode #51 – Why the Gut Should be at the Centre of Your Universe

In the first episode of 4 that is exploring the best ways to optimise nutrition for performance, I interview health coach Joelle Collard from B32 Athletics about her integrative approach to nutrition and performance, with a focus on getting the basics, like a properly working gut, right first before pushing towards performance.

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I’m going to take you on a journey through the confusing world of fuelling for performance. Hopefully answer some burning questions, and help you work out where to start and how to get the best out of yourself and your diet.


Starting off with a holistic approach that incorporates all aspects of life, and understanding how they work in with your body and diet to set you up for peak performance. To discuss this I asked Joelle Collard from B32 Athletics to be on the show. Joelle is leading the way as part of a new breed of health and nutrition consultants working with an integrative approach.


Awareness, and not ruling anything out are big themes discussed in this episode, as is the importance of the gut, and getting it right as Joelle likes to say “its the centre of your universe”. Let’s get into it!


We discuss achieving Optimal Performance for Semi-Pro cyclists through nutrition. Including the following questions:

  • To me Performance in this arena is built on macro and micronutrients, your fuelling system, operating system, and recovery.
  • Is there a point where a poor diet you aren’t performing as well as you should be? 
  • What markers do you use to know if you’re getting the right balance of micronutrients and macronutrients?
  • What role does food quality play in macronutrient quality?
  • Why the recent hate on Carbohydrates?
  • Is pre-ride fuelling dependent on the length and intensity of the ride?
  • Are there any foods that should be avoided during a ride?
  • Post-ride – what are recommendations?
  • Why is it the centre of someone’s universe?
  • What causes problems in the gut?
  • What steps can we take if we not in the Type 3 or 4 range? Check out the Bristol Stool Chart here.
  • Can you talk me through how to tackle blood sugar management, avoiding spikes in blood sugar etc.?
  • Do you see any value in continuous glucose monitoring?
  • What’s the biggest change someone can make for the least amount of effort?



Photo Credit: B32 Athletics


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