Episode #76 – Your Guide to Understanding Power Training Metrics

Episode #76 – Your Guide to Understanding Power Training Metrics

This week it’s all about the numbers, and their context in a linear periodisation training plan. Depending on how involved you get with your training and analysis, it may all be new to you. But I believe it’s super important to have an understanding of the metrics (even if you’re being coached).

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I originally got David Johnstone from CyclingAnalytics.com onto the show to go through some common and not so common power training metrics. But the interview file was corrupted. So you’re stuck with me – I will get David on another show at some point though because if you’re not familiar with Cycling Analytics, and how great it is for building training plans and analyse training data, then you won’t get a clear look into David’s clever way of putting this information together.

This episode covers the building blocks of data interpretation and analysis. Some old, some new, and some misunderstood.




Photo Credit: thelearningcurvedotca on Flickr


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