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Stages Power meter failure rate, the latest on carboloading, and how to get your confidence back after a crash.



This is Your Cycling Questions Answered. This episode,  should I be worried about my Stages Power meter failing, what’s the latest science the latest on carboloading, how to get your confidence back after a crash, and more…


If you’re new to the show, here’s the format – you ask about cycling, I answer. It’s that simple.


The Questions

Question 1: I’ve crashed recently and just don’t feel the same as I did before. What can I do to get my confidence back?


Question 2: I’ve been off the bike for the last two months and dread to think how low my power numbers have gone. How should I go about getting back into riding and training?


Question 3: I like listening to podcasts and music while riding and feel like it’s a great training aid. Am I risking my life or is there nothing to worry about?


Question 4: For those of us on a smart trainer who aren’t using power match, what are your calibration tips to ensure consistent readings?


Question 5: I’ve spent so much time reading contrasting views on carboloading before an event and I still don’t have a clear idea. What is the latest expert opinion on this?


The Facts

Presenter: Damien Ruse

Producer: Ciarán Mac Parland


Thanks for listening, thanks for checking out


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