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High pressure washing, calming nerves before a race, dual-sided power meters, and more



This is Your Cycling Questions Answered. This episode, High pressure washing, calming nerves before a race, dual-sided power meters, and more.


If you’re new to the show, here’s the format – you ask about cycling, I answer. It’s that simple.


The Questions


Question 1: I live in an apartment block and have nowhere to clean my bike. I’d rather not get into the shower with it so my only other options are to pay my LBS to wash it, or take it to a car wash and use the high pressure hose. Am I doing more harm than good?


Question 2: After riding for a few years I’ve recently taken the plunge into competitive racing. I was wondering if you had any pre-race preparation tips that might ease my nerves on the day?


Question 3: So I’m looking for a power meter, and I’ve heard that the benefits of a dual-sided power meter include the ability to account for power imbalances between legs. This is relevant to me, because I’ve had some single leg injuries, and suspect that my power might not be consistent between legs. But this had me thinking, do I even need a dual-sided power meter?


Question 4: I’ve heard some people say that athletes take ibuprofen before training to help them work out more intensely and prevent muscle soreness post training. Is there any science to this claim?


Question 4: I’m a bigger rider and I’m wondering if my Power to Weight ratio plays a big role in flat criterium racing.


The Facts

Presenter: Damien Ruse

Producer: Ciarán Mac Parland


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