A Step-by-Step System for Creating Your Annual Training Plan

Duration: 1:08:00

An Annual Training Plan is not as scary as it sounds, and all plans should be flexible. This masterclass will teach you how to create and maintain your ATP by stepping you through the power periodisation process.

This video introduces the idea using training load as the building blocks of your training stress, and how to manage your progression throughout the season so you can peak when you want, and rest when you need to. By the end, you should go have a yearly plan and weekly stress load levels based on reality and your goals.

Damian will take you through the steps to building your entire yearly plan. Damian steps you through the process from your A event all the way back to the different phases in the macrocycle and microcycle, teaching you how to best build for a one or two peak season. Damian explains the process so that you can build your own plan and use the principles of power training to the fullest.

Also included is the ATP Planning Tool for you to use to experiment for each scenario, so you can get your timing perfect.

You’ll learn:

  • Exactly why planning with power is so powerful
  • How to pick your races
  • The 3 main types of periodisation, and which one is best for you
  • Why all training stress isn’t created equal, and the best measure to use
  • The exact process that I use with my athletes
  • What is considered rest, how much to take, and when
  • What to watch out for in a taper period
  • How to adapt the plan when setbacks occur
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