Introducing… The Semi-Pro Roadmap

In My Opinion, most cyclists should stop most of their training.

I see it again and again in coaching clients: They will want to increase their max power, then I’ll watch them ride, and their issues have nothing to do with their power output.

No matter what the weakness, it usually comes down to 3 basic skills many cyclists ignore.

I produced the Roadmap to teach you those skills.


“Semi-Pro Cycling is the best source I’ve found for the newest thinking on squeezing maximum benefit from my limited training hours.”
– M Blackwell, cyclist from Australia

How to (Really) Train Smart

It’s not about cutting corners. It’s about working on the Right Things instead of the Easy Things.


What have I learned from coaching cyclists through Semi-Pro Cycling? Almost every cyclist would get better faster by focusing only on two things.

1) Goals

2) Structured Training

What does the Semi-Pro Roadmap Introduction include?

• How to assess each of the 3 factors that are holding you back: Cadence, Position and Sprinting
• drills for Riding Technique. How to train your cadence to make sure you are efficient and powerful in the right places.
• Introduction to Positioning – how wrong positioning is holding you back, and two simple practice drills you can start using today.
• Sprinting and cadence – you may already know how to sprint, but we include workouts that will make your sprint faster without having to put out more power.

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Here’s What Other Cyclists Are Saying About Semi-Pro Cycling


“Without a doubt the best upgrade for your riding that money can’t buy!” -Pierce, cyclist from Ireland



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