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Unlimited training plans and expert coaching spark high-performance fitness in any cyclist.

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Do any of these sound familiar?…

  • You're training is interrupted by travel or illness every couple of months (or weeks) - and you struggle to build your fitness or maintain the fitness you have already built.
  • You have a very busy life and find it hard to fit your training around your life.
  • Your work travel has a significant impact on your ability to effectively follow any training program.

At it’s core, cycling is an endurance sport, which means that 'traditional training' has you riding for hours and hours and hours to see any improvements in your fitness. This has always been a big challenge if you don't have that time to dedicate to cycling.

You'll understand the frustration of not having enough time to ride your bike if you...

  • Have young children
  • Have a demanding job
  • Travel a lot for either for work or leisure

The list above is not filled with obstacles - they are your priorities, I get that. I also get that you want to feel fit, achieve your goals, and just be stronger in your rides and races.

Don’t let your lack of time get in the way of your cycling fitness and goals.


The Training Club

What is the Training Club?…

The Training Club is an online training and coaching membership that uses time-saving training methods to build high-performance in the time you have right now.

The Training Club provides the training plans, support, accountability, and expert coaching you need to succeed.

Designed to be flexible and still allow for progress. Each workout is prioritised from most to least important in a weekly Workout Stack and delivered every Monday.

This gives you the power to move workouts around your busy schedule. Including the ability to adjust your workouts when the inevitable illness, injury or travel occur.

  • Personalized and ongoing training plans tailored to your unique goals and physiology.
  • Every 12-weeks you'll get a training plan built by me (Coach Damian) with the exact next steps to achieve your specific cycling and fitness goals. It's delivered weekly (every Monday) with the option to have it emailed to you daily — so you don't need to think about what to do next...just show up and do the work!

  • Strength & Conditioning Routines with Video so you can add effective off-bike training.

  • No bells and whistles and flashy feel-good extras that do nothing for you in the long run. If you will benefit from strength training (hint: almost everyone will) then it will be in your training plan.

  • Unlimited email correspondence so you can get guidance and honest advice on all things cycling.

  • Get the advice you need when it matters the most. Even if you are highly motivated and don't need hand-holding with your everyday training, there are times when a quick bit of advice from an experienced coach can 10x your chances of reaching your goals.

  • Access to our private Strava Club to get support, motivation, and help from our community.

  • To accompany the rest of the program. Our Strava club is a great way kickstart relationships with cyclists all over the world and get the motivation keep going when you're sick or away from the bike.

  • A Premium TrainingPeaks account so you can monitor your training and access your workouts on your phone.

  • TrainingPeaks is a powerful training tool and the hub of the entire system. We will both have access to all of your data and workouts. Learn to diagnose training issues or I can help steer you back on course after setbacks.

    And by joining today, you have immediate access to all the unlimited training plans and expert coaching for just $1.

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    I May Be Crazy...But I'm Not Stupid

    It may come as no surprise that I do have a sneaky alterer motive for making this offer.

    As you have probably already guessed I can't even cover my costs by giving away my best stuff for $1.

    My sincere hope is that you'll love what you see and choose to stay.

    If you do, GREAT!

    If not, that's cool, too.

    Just cancel by email before the 7 days is up and you'll never be charged.

    (FULL DISCLOSURE: We actually don't attempt to bill your card for 9 days, just in case it's a weekend or you're travelling or you just forgot. So you don't have to worry about missing it.)

    But if you do love it (and I think you will), you'll automatically be renewed at our charter member rate of just $49 every 4-week block.

    A paltry sum...

    ...especially when compared to what you spend on your bike and events or having someone on call to get those big questions about training answered - and delivering weekly prioritised workouts, that allow you to decide which workout to do if you only have time for one or two workouts due to work etc.

    So click the 'Sign Up Now' button below, and let's get started...

    See you on the inside,

    Damian Ruse

    Head Coach and Founder of Semi-Pro Cycling

    P.S. This goes without saying, but this $1 offer won't be available for long, and it won't return anytime soon when the timer below ends.

    So join right now while it's fresh on your mind (and while this page is still active).

    P.P.S Still on the fence? Here's what our members are saying...

    "The finish time was 1:02:50, just short of 5 min faster than in 2014(!)

    Just wanted to drop you a thank you note for the interval program for Nibberittet!

    I finished the race in 2nd place this weekend.

    The reason for not actually winning was that I did not have a sprint. This is something that I might have achieved if I had followed the final intervals in the program - however did not want to miss the long FTP efforts in the Norwegian mountains... :-)"

    Alex Krill

    "Within the first 3 months, I saw a solid 13% increase in my FTP but I think the real improvements came over the following year, where I was molded into a better all around cyclist. Like most people life always gets in the way, and Damian consistently did his utmost to adapt the training based on my current state.

    I thought I already knew a lot about cycling and training and just needed some guidance, structure and assurance to the hours I had available to train.

    Damian showed me the benefit of what guidance from an experienced coach could do. Putting a plan together for each season built me up at just the right times to exceed my expectations for my most important events. He also showed me just how hard I could push myself through the various unique interval sessions in his arsenal.

    Always providing information and specific details about prescribed sessions really adds context and gave me faith knowing I was making the most of my training time."

    Nic Stuber

    "I have learned a lot about how I can work on my goal to be a better cyclist and have much better confidence around my training.

    Hiring a coach when you're in you early 40’s and have small children and demanding job might seem like a stupid thing to do, and even more if you just are an average rider…

    From day one I have had the feeling that I had Damian by my side supporting and cheering: I have been amazed how quick he can absorb information about my life even if he is on the other side of the world and adjust training and load according.

    Damian has been professional from day one and I can highly recommend him to anyone young or old who wants to take his or her cycling to a new level."

    Lars Hugo Braadland Olsen

    "In six months I have gone from NRS pack fodder to a serious contender in the series.

    Whilst last year I hoped to make time cut on each stage, I know think about how I can win each stage. The meticulous and methodical approach that Damian takes allows me to train smarter rather than longer and has led to leaps in performance I had never experienced before.

    Damian developed a training plan to meet my specific goals. I'm looking forward to what the next six months will hold with Semi-Pro Cycling."

    Sam Burston

    Alex Krill
    Nic Stuber
    Lars Hugo Braadland Olsen
    Sam Burston

    It's truely amazing to see this community get real results and I can't wait to see YOUR success story very soon.

    So click the 'Sign Up Now' button below, and let's get started...

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