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SPC coaching packages give you the latest performance techniques, training and technology to take your riding as far as you can. All packages feature specific and precise training plans, expert analysis, and results-based feedback. All geared to help you reach your full potential.

Semi-Pro Coaching is for you if you want to:

  • Maximise your window of opportunity (no matter your age or circumstances) to get fast and fulfill your potential.
  • Surround yourself with the right people to guide your cycling career.
  • Have the best training plan possible to make rapid progress in your fitness.
  • Use the latest innovations to your advantage in your specific situation.

Here is a list of what you get when you sign up for Semi-Pro Coaching:

  • You get the latest performance techniques, training and technology which means you always have secret weapon to beat your competition.
  • You get specific and precise training plans, which means resolving your weaknesses and outlining specific exercises or sessions to improve them.
  • You get expert analysis, which means gearing towards attaining your training and race goals.
  • You get results-based feedback and advice, which means every action has a meaningful purpose.
  • You get a functional strength and mobility program, which means improved biomechanics and efficiency for improved performance, and injury prevention.

If I were to guess the top 10 questions or objections you will have about signing up for coaching today, they would be these…

1.What exactly do I get?

2. What do you do for the money?

3. Why do I need a coach?

4. Do I have to know anything about training?

5. Do you just focus on building FTP?

6. Can I use my own software?

7. Why should I trust you?

8. What results have you got with your athletes?

9. What methods do you use?

10. Do I have to pay for 12 months up front?

So here’s how I would clear those up for you…

1. Custom training program (based on your assessments, background, short- and long-term goals, current volume, current workload, age, sport ages, performance disparities, and much more). Detailed daily workouts (with specific objectives, durations, paces, zones, intervals, rest durations, and technique pointers). Free Training Peaks account and expert file analysis.

2. As your coaches it is our job to know the latest science and training techniques, motivate you, be accessible, be personally invested in you to see you achieve your goals and do well, be a good balance between friend and 'the wielder of the big stick', and know your races and the demands/requirements to do well.

3. For some athletes a coach means accountability, for other it’s seeing the bigger picture, other it’s the expert analysis, or monitoring their fitness - or simply to write a program because they are unsure where to start. There are many reasons people hire coach. Start with why you want a coach and work backwards. Can the coach help you go beyond your current level and move past your limiting factors? If yes, then you need a coach.

4. No. But we would feel like we failed you if we didn’t impart our knowledge and experience on you, so you could potentially train yourself. Being involved with the process is part of the journey, and understanding how your body works, and reacts in different situations is key to becoming a good rider.

5. Despite our love of training with power, cycling is not all about FTP. The approach we take is based on your specific and personal limiters, which may be your FTP, or may not. Through testing, interviews and questionnaires, we take into account your strengths, weaknesses, training age and disciple to assess what needs working on first.

6. You can use your own software, but also keep in mind that we are supplying you with a free Training Peaks account. This is the main coaching tool that allows us to analyse your training, and make training recommendations and prescriptions. You are free to take your data and training plans from Training Peaks at any time, and are not locked into a contract.

7. Every week we scour the internet, read training books, talk to top coaches and athletes to uncover the latest training techniques, workouts, technology and programs. We also use our experience as riders and racers of over 20 years from club to international level, and from downhill mountain biking to criterium racing and everything in between.

8. We have coached athletes to regional races wins, and tops 10s. In performance terms our athletes increase their FTP by an average of 15% over a season.

9. Our training is based on the SPC Performance Framework.

10. No. We have monthly and quarterly payment plans available.

I want you to be completely without risk, so here’s SPC’s promise to our athletes - we work together until we get it right.

The coaching relationship can be a complex, and we may not work well together. When a coaching relationship works well it’s a beautiful thing - but it’s not always the case, and I accept that as part of the nature of coaching.

If we are not a good fit, I will work with you to find a coach that is. At the end of the day, I want you to succeed by being engaged and motivated - and will find the right person to guide you.

It’s really easy to get started.

You just click the ‘Sign Up Now’ link at the bottom of any Semi-Pro Coaching package page. This will take you to a Sign up form where we collect your details and some basic information about your cycling to get the process started.

Once you decide to get started here’s what’s going to happen.

We will contact you via email with payment information and to organise some testing, after which we might have a chat over Skype.

Once we understand for your dreams, motivations, goals, strengths, weaknesses etc. We will start building a program for you in Training Peaks, where we will prescribe all other workouts from then now on.

To make the best use of your coaching - and to help us write the most effective program for your circumstances, fill in all important dates of races and non-bike related commitments into the Training Peaks calendar whenever they come up. Also, write a description of each ride once you enter it into Training Peaks - it doesn’t have to be overly detailed. But it’s important to include sleep, motivation and how you felt during the session.

If you are interested in coaching you need to sign up right now because I have a small limit to the number of athletes I can coach before I am at capacity. It’s important to me to coach the ‘right’ amount of athletes, otherwise no one gets the attention they deserve.

If you don’t get a place, then you will have to wait until a spot frees up which might even be next year.

Choosing the right package

Damian is here to help you find the combination of service, expertise, and price that works best for you. And he's good at it: after the first month, 95% of all new SPC Athletes report feeling like they’re in the right package for them.


About Semi-Pro Coaching

Damian focusses on smart training programs, education, accountability, endurance, functional strength, technology, and more.


What’s the difference?

Like most services, we include more features at higher package levels. But the most valuable feature is Damian. Responsiveness and expertise are the things that change the most between packages. As you move up in package level you get more of both.

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